Not every realtor is the right realtor for you

5 Things to Ask Before Choosing a REALTOR®

What are the top qualities most people are looking for in a Realtor®? Generally, whether you’re buying a home or selling one, you want a Realtor who is honest, who’s responsive, and who understands the local real estate market.

I mean, that’s your baseline, right?

You probably also want a Realtor who gets you. Someone you is on your side, someone you can trust to tell you the truth—even if it’s hard.

But how do you know if you’ve found the right Realtor?

In this blog, I share five questions you can ask that will help you determine if a realtor is the right realtor for you.

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How’s the real estate market?

On the surface, this sounds like a generic question. How’s the real estate market? But the answer to this question can tell you a lot about a prospective agent, and not just how much they know about the local real estate market. Although that is important.

The answer to this question will also tell you how they communicate and how well they listen. If the agent gives you a one- or two-word answer, well, that tells you something. If they give you a 10-minute monologue filled with statistics and jargon that you don’t understand, that tells you something else.

A good agent knows there’s not just one simple answer to that question. That’s because there isn’t just one real estate market. It depends on whether you’re buying a house or building one, or whether you’re selling a condo in Edina or large lakefront home in Woodbury. The answer to the question “How’s the real estate market?” really depends on you and your needs.

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

Independent or solo agents and agents who work on or run a team can both provide excellent service, but you may prefer one type over the other. Solo agents will be with you from the beginning of the transaction to the closing table. They will be your first, and sometimes only, point of contact.

An agent who run a team may be your initial point of contact, but you may be handed off to the team’s showing or buyer agent afterward. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just a different way of doing business.

How many clients do you work with at one time?

Whether you’re working with a team or a solo agent, it’s good to ask how many clients the agent works with at one time. Sometimes it’s tempting to go with the busiest agent in town. They’re super busy, right, so they must be successful. But you want to be sure you agent has time for you.

What’s your typical response time to emails, calls, and texts?

Nobody can be available all the time. Realtors, like other business people, have families and lives outside of real estate, and we all need to sleep. But your Realtor should respond to you in a timely manner. And if you are negotiating an offer, you don’t want to lose out because your Realtor wasn’t available.

What’s your business philosophy?

Who you choose to work with matters. Does the agent just want to close as many deals as possible? Will they bend the rules to win? Can you trust the agent to always put your interest above their own? Buying or selling a home is a complex process and a major financial decision. You need someone you can trust.

Pro Tip: Why clients fire their Realtor

What is the number one reason clients fire a Realtor? Poor communication.

When choosing a Realtor, it’s important to find someone who listens to you, who clarifies expectation, who explains things clearly, and who keeps in touch with you throughout the process.

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J Trout Lowen is a Minneapolis REALTOR® and an expert at helping buyers and sellers navigate the Twin Cities housing market.

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