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Welcome to Powderhorn

Eclectic, diverse, multicultural, community focused. Powderhorn is one of Minneapolis’s most unique communities. Located a few miles south of downtown in central Minneapolis, this group of eight neighborhoods is predominantly residential, filled with single-family homes, small brick apartment buildings, and a smattering of stately Victorians. Small commercial corners here offer an international banquet of foods, including tacos, soul food, Somali goat stew, Japanese crepes, and a pizza joint that’s been open on Chicago Avenue for close to 50 years. But the mother of all international dining options is Eat Street, a six-block section of Nicollet Avenue in the Whittier neighborhood  filled with aromatic international restaurants, contemplative coffee houses, and one of the city’s oldest and most secluded restaurant patios. 

Two of the highlights of the Powderhorn community are the Powderhorn May Day Parade and  Powderhorn Art Fair, held each year in May and August in Powderhorn Park.

The Powderhorn community came to national and international attention in 2020 when the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police ignited international outrage. The area now identified at George Floyd Square is at the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, a corner where four Powderhorn neighborhood meet. While parts of Powderhorn were damaged in the riots following Floyd’s death, the community’s spirit was unbroken. Rebuilding continues here and plans for a center for racial justice and healing are under consideration for one of the four corners of George Floyd Square.

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Powderhorn, check out these neighborhoods: Bancroft, Bryant, Central, Corcoran, Lyndale, Powderhorn Park, Standish, and Whittier.

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Powderhorn by the Numbers

TOTAL RESIDENTS                        55,913
TOTAL HOUSING UNITS               24,527

  Owner Occupied                              41.8%

  Renter Occupied                              52.3%

MEDIAN SALE PRICE  (April 2023) 

  Single Family                                  $300,000

  Multifamiliy/Condo                       $133,7000

MEDIAN RENT                                 $1,252


     2010 or later      3%

     2000-2009         4%

     1970-1999         17.3%

     1940-1969         17.4%

     Before 1939       58.3%

Source: Minnesota Compass


The Powderhorn community has a wealth of great school options.

Roosevelt is a public high school serving grades 9-12. It is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and offers a Spanish dual language program.

South High School is a public high school serving grades 9-12. It offers an All Nations program  that prepares students from the American Indian community for post-secondary success.

Heritage STEM Academy is a public high school for students in grades 9-12. It offers a curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, and math.

El Colegio is a charter school for students in grades 9-12.

There are several Minneapolis public community elementary schools in Powderhorn. Visit the MPS website for more information about these and other MPS schools.

Places of Interest

Food, culture, and outdoor activities are all available in Powderhorn.

Powderhorn Park has something for everyone, whether you like baseball or soccer, to fishing or ice skating. 

Founded in 1883 as the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts, the Minneapolis Institute of Art is the granddaddy of Minneapolis’s robust arts scene.

Children’s Theatre Company is nation’s largest and most acclaimed theatre for young people.

Eat Street is a six-block long culinary United Nations of food along Nicollet Avenue.

This intersection has become a memorial site that draws visitors from all over.

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