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Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update July 2023

Home Prices are rising again, and inventory is falling Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update July 2023 New listings are down. Home prices are rising. And interest rates have climbed back above 7 percent. In my real estate market update for July, I look at how these trends are impacting homebuyers and home sellers in the Twin Cities. It’s July already, and we’re more than...

Market value, assessed value, or Zestimate, how much is your home worth?

Market, Assessed or Zestimate, How Much is My Home Worth?

Assessed Value, Market Value or Zestimate How Much is My Home Worth? Every year when property tax valuation notices hit people’s mailboxes, I start getting a lot of questions from homeowners about the difference between assessed value and market value, and why neither of these things seem to have anything in common with their Zestimate, the amount Zillow says their home is...

What Should You Do First, Buy a Home or Sell Your Home?

Which Should You Do First? Buy a Home or Sell Your Home You want to buy a new home and you need to sell your home. Are you feeling confused about which step comes first? You are not alone. This chicken-and-egg question is one of the first stumbling blocks that move-up, downsizing, and right-sizing buyers have to confront.Especially in this market, it can be tough to simultaneously navigate both...

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